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Shanghai Daily publishes ebooks
By Shanghai Daily

Shanghai Daily has launched five ebooks on Amazon.com. Here’s a quick look at the new releases.

Little-known Chinese Festivals  download

China’s major festivals are widely known, but there are other, unknown interesting “days” and customs from ancient times. Some are funny, some still practiced today. We look at the more colorful ones.

New Life For Old Tradition  download

Over hundreds of years, various handicrafts and cultures in Hangzhou have been handed down from generation to generation. With the Hangzhou Protection Center of Intangible Cultural Heritage’s help, Shanghai Daily looks at these local traditions.

The Chinese Dream  download

When Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the nation to pursue the “Chinese Dream,” he triggered a public dialogue on expectations and their fulfillment. Shanghai Daily launched this series to explore the theme through different generations.

TCM Treasures  download TCM1 / TCM2

This series is based on a Shanghai Daily weekly column. Herbs, roots and other ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine are explained simply, with usage instructions and illustrations.

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