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Lovers set to pay more for Valentine’s Day flowers
By Zhao Wen

Lovers who are ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day will have to pay more this year due to heavy snow which caused a dramatic decrease in the yield production of roses in the southwest Yunnan Province.

The retail price of a single rose set a new record at 20 yuan (US$3.30), more than doubled the price of roses in the same period of last year.

However, flower shops said the higher prices wouldn’t help them make a fortune because customers would pick fewer flowers or turn to other gifts for Valentine’s Day which falls on next Friday.

“Most customers were very surprised at the hike in rose prices,” said He Yuanhong, owner of Jing’an Flower Shop. “They would pick other flowers such as carnation and lily to match with the roses or chose bunches with fewer roses but with good meanings.”

Most customers order flower bunches with 11 roses or 33 roses this year, and the number of flowers means one loves another wholeheartedly and one loves another forever respectively, he said.

He said he would wait till next week to import roses according to the number of bookings in case expensive roses receive a cold reception among lovers.

Last year, he imported 12,000 roses before Valentine’s Day and sold all of them.

Li Shusheng, manager of Huazhiyu Flower Shop, imported 1,000 roses for Valentine’s Day, a tenth of the number he imported last year, but  flower bookings are not cut.

Shanghai Morning Post said the yield production of roses in Yunnan, the country’s flower supply base, was cut by two-thirds due to the low temperature brought by the snow in December. The roses froze to death while sprouting, the paper said.

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