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Rain, sleet on way as temperature falls
By Ke Jiayun

FURTHER rain is on the cards for today, while winds will be more gusty due to the low pressure, forecasters said yesterday.

After highs of 9 degrees Celsius yesterday, temperatures will be lower today at between 4 and 7 degrees.

By tonight, sleet is likely to hit parts of the city, though there is only a slim chance of any real snowfall.

Today’s heavier rains will fade to a drizzle by tomorrow, though skies will continue to be overcast with the mercury fluctuating between 3 and 7 degrees.

The rains should finally disperse on Thursday, as skies turn cloudy and temperatures climb to a high of 8 degrees, though there will still be a low of 2 degrees, forecasters said.

Friday’s weather is likely to be little changed from Thursday, but with a high of 9 degrees. Temperatures are likely to climb into double-digits at the weekend.

The city’s weather bureau said yesterday that people will soon be able to access weather warnings via several online platforms, including WeChat.

It also said it plans to introduce a new section on its website that will teach people everything they ever wanted to know about smog.

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