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Learn about bugs, geology and weather at museums
By Pan Zheng

Sometimes we seem to know our planet quite well but in fact not so many people really do. They may see insects outdoors but don’t know much about how they live. People collect gems but don’t know how they are formed. They watch weather forecasts everyday but don’t know how the weather works.

It has been a popular topic throughout time how human beings can get along with nature harmoniously. There are quite a few answers to the question, but the first thing to do is definitely to know and understand the Earth better.

Besides the famous Shanghai Natural History Museum, the city also has several other museums related to nature. We present three of them in the Pudong New Area. They can be doors for people to obtain a better understanding of the planet we live on.

• Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom

This is the first museum in the country to specialize in displaying living insects, but there also are other animals as well. It was opened in September 2001.

It occupies 3,200 square meters, divided into various zones including Butterfly Valley, Insect Corridor, Reptile Zone, Special Pet Zone, Rainforest, Animal Theater and a Model Making Area. Every display zone uses high-tech methods to illustrate scientific knowledge to visitors so that they not only watch the living creatures but also learn their life habits and experience the close relationship between humans and nature.

The Model Making Area is another highlight of the venue, where visitors can make models of insects and animals. Visitors also can get in touch with small animals and learn more through games at the Scientific Entertainment Zone.

Address: 1 Fenghe Rd

Opening hours: 9am-5pm

Tel: 5840-5921

Admission: 35 yuan for adult, 20 yuan for child

Website: www.shinsect.com

• Shanghai Oriental Geological Museum

Located north of Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Oriental Geological Museum is also called “gem city” since its collection includes many gemstones.

With a total of 4,600 square meters of indoor exhibition area and over 33 hectares of outdoor display zone, the museum is composed of Globe Hall, Mines and Rocks Hall, Geological Structure Hall, Paleontological Hall, Gemstone Hall, Geological and Topographical Hall, Territorial Resources Hall and Rare Rock Hall.

It’s a museum which reveals many secrets of our planet. A lot of samples of minerals, rocks and fossils are displayed so that visitors can learn the history of the Earth.

Address: 100 Xinlongzhai, Xinlong Village, Jichang Town

Opening hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Tel: 6878-2557, 5893-4084

Admission: 50 yuan

Website: www.shdz.org

• Shanghai Pudong Popularizing Hall of Basic Meteorological Knowledge

It was opened in September 2000 as the first meteorological museum of China. The exhibition contents are mostly based on the weather forecasting system and textbooks of middle and primary schools to display the technologies and services of meteorological detection and weather reports.

The museum uses various high-tech facilities to improve the scientific concept of meteorology in people’s minds. Through the facilities, visitors can play weather forecaster and deliver a weather report by themselves.

Address: 951 Jinxiu Rd

Open hours: Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm; Saturday and Sunday, 9am-3pm (group visitors only)

Tel: 5833-6470, 5833-1741

Admission: 8 yuan for adult, 6 yuan for students

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164