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New Metro station on Line 13 lit by sunshine

The newly opened Zhenbei Road station of Metro Line 13 was designed for a low carbon footprint. Instead of using electric lighting all day, the platform employs natural light.

The station was put into use before the Chinese New Year.

Subway stations usually depend on 24-hour lighting. Changfeng Ecological Business Hub decided to implement new measures and let the sun shine through to the underground area.

This “Sunny Station” was designed by internationally renowned Japanese architect Kobayashi Toshihiko, who was the chief architect of the Japan Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

To draw natural light into the station, a large sunken plaza on the ground that conserves energy was constructed as part of the new MTR City Plaza in Changfeng, which was launched in May 2013.

Using glass extensively, the design breaks from the common impression of subway stations as dim.

At the same time, the white-colored exterior design with a rippling water pattern brings a contemporary feel.

There are eight escalators that transport passengers between ground and underground levels.

CityShop and Jackie Chan Film Gallery are among the tenants that have joined the plaza.

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