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Know your cuts of meat
By Ruby Gao

Here is an explanation of various cuts of beef:

• Filet: Boneless cut of beef, from the smallest end of the tenderloin. Tender and expensive.

• Tenderloin: The cut is also known as eye fillet, is from the loin of beef. It is beneath the ribs and beside the backbone, which is the most tender part of the beef.

• New York strip: Sometimes called club strip, it’s cut from the top loin. The muscle is rarely worked so the meat is not very tender.

• Round steak: It’s a lean cut, with low fat, so it’s comparatively dry.

• Rib eye: Cut from the rib primal with bone attached. Good marbling, rich beefy taste, tender.

• Sirloin: Cut between the short loin and round. Tender and flavorful.

• T-Bone (Porterhouse): It includes a T-shaped bone. It’s usually the most expensive cut since it’s large and contains both short loin and tenderloin. It juicy, fatty and flavorful.


• Raw: Uncooked, like state tartare.

• Blue: Cooked quickly, cold and raw inside.

• Rare: Gray-brown outside, red inside, lots of juice

• Medium rare: Red in the very center and pink toward the outside, fewer flowing juices.

• Medium well: Gray-brown throughout, little or no juice.

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