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Say hello to the yellow

A woman poses for a photograph in a field of oilseed rape close to Kaixuan Road yesterday. The plot of land near the Hongqiao Metro station is slated for commercial development, but prior to any work getting under way, construction workers decided to cultivate the brightly colored flowers as a treat for passers-by.

The blooms are expected to last for another two weeks. While the mercury rose to 20 degrees Celsius yesterday, the sun will go back into hiding today as a rain belt arrives in the city, forecasters said.

The wet and overcast conditions will last until the weekend, but high temperatures will remain in the range of 18-21 degrees until Saturday, while the lows are set to fluctuate between 14 and 15 degrees. Thursday and Friday will be the driest days, though stronger showers are forecast to run from Friday evening through most of Saturday.

Photos by Wang Rongjiang

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