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Little underwater wonders

Changfeng Ocean World is offering an exhibition of newborn fish babies. The marine creatures on display include babies of the rare seahorse species, clown fish, shark, actinian and snailfish. 

Visitors will be amazed at the baby seahorses which are developed from the fertilized eggs carried by the male. Sea lions will present hilarious acts for the visitors such as balancing a ball on its nose, clapping “hands” and jumping through a rope circle high above the water. Children are also offered interesting board games themed on ocean which aim to promote ocean protection.

Date: Daily, 9am-5pm
Tickets: 160 yuan for adults, 110 yuan for children
Tel: 6223-8888
Venue: Changfeng Ocean World
Address: 451 Daduhe Rd

Photos by Dong Jun

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164