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An ideal time for a stroll in the park
By Xu Fang

THE current season of warm sunshine, gentle breezes and good air quality is the ideal time to visit a park. Shanghai has a number of parks worth visiting, many of them in Jiading.

Jiading Wisteria Park

Jiading Wisteria Park is in the style of a Japanese garden. Wisteria is in full bloom in April and May. On entering the park, you will see clusters of purple, white and pink wisteria flowers to delight anyone who loves nature.

Address: 45 Bole Rd, Jiading Town

Admission: Free

Huilongtan Park

Located by the side of the Jiading Confucius Temple, Huilongtan Park is a small and delicate garden. The park is in two sections. The southern part is a natural landscape made up of Yingkui Hill and Huilongtan Pond. From the Siyi Pavilion on Yingkui Hill you can view all the park’s scenic areas. The highlight here is a stage that was moved from the Qianye Guild Hall in Shanghai’s Zhabei District. The northern part is clustered with many scenic spots, including a spring, a pavilion, a courtyard and a pool. The large grassy area next to the pond is an ideal place to take a break. The park is also near the thriving Zhouqiao Old Street, another interesting place to visit.

Address: 68 Shaxia Rd, Jiading Town

Admission: 5 yuan

Auto Expo Park

Surrounding the Shanghai Auto Museum, the 76.8-hectare Shanghai Auto Expo Park is a multi-functional park featuring auto entertainment, auto exhibitions and auto culture.

Address: 7001 Boyuan Rd, Anting Town

Admission: Free

Chenjiashan Park

Chenjiashan Park is a small park featuring lotuses and a creek flowing through it. Walking on the wooden bridge across the Lotus Pond in summer, you may feel like you are in another world. Many residents like to stroll in the park after dinner, feeding the fish and chatting with their friends. Some people even drive here to enjoy the park’s pleasant environment.

Address: Shenzhu Rd, Jiading Town (near Jiading North station of Metro Line 11)

Admission: Free

Qiuxiapu Garden

Qiuxiapu Garden, which covers 15 hectares, is made up of three private gardens built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) — Gong’s Garden, Shen’s Garden and Jin’s Garden — and Yi Temple. The garden is divided into four scenic areas accordingly. Qiuxiapu Garden is one of Shanghai’s five best-known classical gardens and is also the best preserved, with the longest history.

Address: 314 Dongdajie Str, Jiading Town

Admission: 10 yuan

Huating Farmers Home

Huating Farmers Home covers an area of 86 hectares. Visitors can plant vegetables, pick grapes, taste Hami melons and go fishing at the pond here.

Address: 518 Shuangzhu Rd, Huating Town

Admission: 15 yuan

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