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Summer’s here and mercury’s set to soar
By Hu Min

SUMMER has arrived in Shanghai — and that’s official.

And over the next four days temperatures are set to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, said the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

As the average temperature had been above 22 degrees Celsius for five consecutive days from Wednesday, the bureau declared yesterday that the city entered summer — in meteorological terms — on Wednesday.

The average temperature yesterday was 25.1 degrees Celsius, though the humid, overcast weather didn’t make for the most comfortable conditions.

On average summer usually starts in Shanghai around May 29, so it’s slightly earlier this year, said Fu Yi, a chief service officer of the bureau.

The city should have several days of good weather this week, with the temperature soaring to 33 degrees, added Fu.

Today should be sunny with some cloud and temperatures ranging from 23 to 31 degrees.

The mercury will climb higher still tomorrow, touching 32 degrees, and it is set to be sunny with cloudy spells.

On Wednesday, the high should hit 33 degrees, with a low of 23 degrees expected.

But on Thursday, it will turn overcast again, with the high dropping back, though still around 30 degrees.

And on Friday, rain will return with temperatures of between 21 and 29 degrees predicted.

The earliest summer on record in Shanghai was in 2009, which started on May 6.

The latest start was 1911, finally getting under way on July 4, according to the bureau.

It’s still too early to predict how many summer days there will be this year, Fu said.

Last year, the city recorded a record number of 157 summer days, the longest stretch since Shanghai began keeping meteorological records in 1872.

Air quality plummets

AIR quality dropped quickly from excellent to heavily polluted yesterday, as readings of PM2.5 rose from less than 40 micrograms per cubic meter to 245 micrograms per cubic meter at 4pm due to meteorological conditions, said officials.

It won’t bounce back today and people with weak immune systems are advised to stay indoors.

A wave of pollutants moved over the city from the west yesterday and local discharges and the still weather worsened the situation, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center said.

Today is forecast to be moderately polluted in the morning and moderately to lightly polluted in the afternoon. PM2.5 will be the top pollutant in the morning and PM10 will be in the afternoon.

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