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Pollution to stay for 2 more days
By Cai Wenjun

DUST blowing in from the northwest is likely to cause more pollution today and tomorrow, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center said yesterday.

The forecast is for moderate pollution this morning, with the Air Quality Index likely to be between 155 and 175. PM10 particles will be the main pollutant.

The situation will improve slightly this afternoon, with the AQI dropping to between 130-150, with PM2.5 particles being the main pollutant.

Aside from the poor air quality, the day will be mostly sunny with a high of 34 degrees.

Despite some respite thanks to a breeze yesterday, the city has experienced moderate to heavy pollution since Monday. The humid conditions slowed the diffusion of dust and pollutants carried from other provinces by the northwesterly wind.

The real-time air index reached 280 at 7am yesterday, with a PM2.5 density of 200 micrograms per cubic meter. The PM10 level remained high throughout the day, surpassing 200 micrograms per cubic meter at 6pm in Yangpu and Xuhui districts.

?Center issues mosquito warning

WITH summer now officially under way, people are being warned to take precautions against the annual influx of mosquitoes.

While June through August are the peak months for the biting insects, they are likely to find ideal breeding conditions in the hot and wet days forecast for this month, an official from the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday.

“Though we can’t say for certain what will happen this year, we do know that getting rid of standing water is the best way to keep mosquito numbers down,” said Dr Leng Pei’en, director of the center’s vector control department.

According to official figures, the mosquito density in Shanghai last month was actually lower than it was in April 2013.

“Thanks to people becoming more aware of the problem and the various cleanup campaigns, the density figure has been steadily dropping year on year,” Leng said.

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