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A buck can go quite a long way
By Wing Tan

WHAT can you do with US$1, or about 6 yuan, in Shanghai? With the city’s rising living cost, it seems that one buck can do nothing. But hold on, minor things can be great. One dollar can do things far beyond your expectation.

1. A Metro ticket to let you tour around Shanghai

With six yuan, you can buy a Metro ticket (single journey) to tour around the city from Puxi to Pudong, from the western tip to the eastern end, from the suburban Minhang District to the busy downtown center at People’s Square.

If you add another two yuan, you can take the Metro from the No. 2 Terminal of Hongqiao Airport to Pudong International Airport.

2. Three lottery tickets

It’s a wise investment. With six yuan, you can have three chances to win several million yuan. If not, you also do a good thing because the money will be donated to the city’s welfare lottery fund.

3. A quick breakfast

Six yuan can offer you a good breakfast in Shanghai. You can buy two steamed buns and a cup of soybean milk in a convenience store. Or you can buy four pieces of shengjian (fried dumplings) or six pieces of xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings). Or you can buy 500 grams of eggs and cook a pan-fried egg roll or omelets yourself at home.

4. Three tourism tickets

Guilin Park at 188 Caobao Road with a long history famed for its fragrant osmanthus is a sweet memory for almost every Shanghai local. With its 2-yuan admission per person, you can buy three tickets and have a cool, refreshing moment in the park this summer.

5. 1.2-square-centimeter of a flat

It sounds absurd, but theoretically, you can buy 1.2 square centimeters of an apartment in the city’s Inner Ring area, a golden zone where the average housing price is about 50,000 yuan per square meter.

6. Shanghai Daily

Last but not least, you can buy a Shanghai Daily with only 2 yuan, through which you can learn about the city, the country and the world within half an hour, valuing much more than just US$1.

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