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Song of Lear by Song of the Goat Theatre

Date:September 6-7, 2017


Phone:021-5292 0164

Venue:Shanghai Concert Hall

The performance is set across a bare minimalist space. The director – narrator acts as a prelude to this show where music is the main actor. Each song is a starting point for another ‘dramatic poem’. The music becomes a real character or event, and shapes relationships. It brings emotions to the stage: despair, tragedy, madness, disappointment and love. Songs of Lear evolves out of the unique acting method known as Coordination Technique. 

This unique training was developed by Grzegorz Bral and the Song of the Goat theatre practitioners and now forms the ground for performer training at the Bral School of Acting in London. Songs of Lear has impressed critics in Poland and internationally, and wowed audiences worldwide. It has received numerous awards including: Fringe First, Herald Archangel and Musical Theatre Matters Special Award at Fringe Festival 2012 in Edinburgh. Songs of Lear was the overall highest ranked performance during the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Directed by Grzegorz Bral

Music : Jean Claude-Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły

Song Preparation: Kacper Kuszewski 

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