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A guide to express delivery services in Shanghai

If you stay in Shanghai and want to send some presents to your family or friends around the world, you need to know where to find safe and fast express delivery services. Here is a short list that may be of some help to you.

1. EMS



EMS (China Courier Service Corporation - CCSC) is a state-owned subsidiary, which offers domestic and international mail services. EMS stands for (Worldwide) Express Mail Service and in China, EMS works together with the operator- China Postal Express and Logistics, in short, China Post.

EMS is also the largest provider in China's express service industry currently. The continuously growing network of EMS now reaches over 200 countries and regions and up to 2000 domestic cities.

Collection service is available for EMS. You can check its pricing details with the link below.

Service hotline: 11185 

Price list: http://www.ems.com.cn/serviceguide/zifeichaxun/e_zi_fei_biao_zhun.html

2. TNT


Main Website: http://www.tnt.com/express/en_cn/site/home.html

TNT Shanghai Branch

Address: 6F Bldg.3, Lane 168, Linhong Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai

Zip/Postal: 200335

Tel: + 86-21-6196 6777      

Service hotline: 
800-820-9868 (for telephone users) 
400-820-9868 (for mobile phone users)

Pricescan be checked here: http://www.tnt.com/express/en_cn/site/home.html



Main Website: http://www.fedex.com/cn_english/

FEDEX Shanghai Branch

Address: Shanghai Hongqiao Station

No.41 Nong 2545 Hongqiao Rd Shanghai City 

Postal code: 200335

Service time: 8:30am-5:30pm (Monday to Saturday)

Address: Shanghai Kangqiao Station

No.316 Kanghua Rd Shanghai City

Postal code: 201315

Service time: 08:30-17:30 (Monday to Saturday)

Service hotline: 
800-988-1888 (for telephone users, toll free) 
400-886-1888 (for mobile phone users, toll free)

Price can be checked here: 



Main Website: http://www.ups.com/content/corp/worldwide/asia/china.html


UPS Shanghai Branch

Address: 23/F China Insurance Building

              No.166 Lujiazui East Road, Pudong District

              Shanghai 200120 

              People's Republic of China

Service hotline: 
800-820-8388 (for telephone users) 
400-820-8388 (for mobile phone users, toll free)

Fax: (86-21) 5831 0314

Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 22:00

Saturday: 07:30 - 19:00

Prices can be checked here:https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request?loc=en_CN

5.Mailing options

Regardless of which company you have chosen for your shipment, you can decide to send your parcel by ship, train or plane. It is important to note that the mode of transport chosen will determine the  shipping duration (one month or more by ship, 3 weeks by train, 1/2 weeks by air) and, of course, the amount of the service.

If these shipping durations seem too long to you, you can also choose the express formula. In most cases, your parcel would arrive in a few days.

Price comparison:

For Example, from Shanghai to Paris (France), a basic shipment of a parcel composed of documents (500 g) of value 50 Yuan would have the respective charges:

EMS : 220 yuan 
Fedex : 351.33 yuan
 TNT : 287 yuan
 UPS : 484.08 yuan

Click here to check the China Post information in Shanghai.

Customer Service: (86-21) 52920164