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Housing: living in Pudong


Located on the east side of the Huangpu River, Pudong offers wider roads, better bicycle lanes, less traffic and cleaner air quality. Unlike Puxi, Chinese culture and history is not felt here, which is a disadvantage voiced by many expats who wish to learn more about, and integrate themselves within Chinese culture.


The Green City area in Jinqiao is currently labelled as “the place” to live for expat families in Shanghai. Apart from high quality expat villas, the area of Jinqiao also includes some of the city's best International schools (Dulwich College, Concordia) and many expats convenience from an enormous Megafit gym to several restaurants, bars and cafes.


Some villa compounds, such as Seasons Villas and Regency Park are located close by Century Park. Like the Green City area, these compounds tend to have wonderful facilities and attract many families. Century Park provides a channel for relaxing and is also conveniently located on Subway Line 2 - providing a possible Puxi commuting alternative.

Lujiazui (The central business district and downtown area of Pudong)

While very few villas worth mentioning are in Lujiazui area, the major apartment complexes such as Shimao Riviera, Yanlord Garden and Champs Elysees offer 250sqm+ two storey apartments which some families find ideal. Lujiazui is often the halfway point between downtown Puxi and the Pudong international schools, and is a convenient choice for many families. The facilities here rival those of villa compounds, which include indoor and outdoor pools, gyms and restaurants. The Lujiazui area itself offers many restaurants, attractions and interesting sites.


The obvious disadvantages for North American and European families in apartments tend to be the lack of private green space, the busy elevators and less Western demographics within the buildings. 220sqm + Family sized apartments in Lujiazui tend to be privately owned and rent between US$2,500 and US$8,000 per month.

Biyun International Community

As the No.1 international community in Shanghai, Biyun is the first community to get the certification of ISO14000. There are many international residents with different nationalities, and is a real international community with a harmonious atmosphere. The affiliated projects which were completed at the same time with the community include Carrefour, football field, multi-functional sports club, a shopping center, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School, Shanghai Xiehe International School and etc.

The Biyun International Residential Community is based on the concept of international planning and design. It has drawn large numbers of people from around the world to live and socialize there. Of the companies from Global Fortune 500 located in Shanghai, 40% of the CEOs and senior executives reside here. It is also a place for dining, coffee and meeting friends.

Lianyang Community

Lianyang New Community, which stretches from Yanggao Road M. to Jinxiu Road in north-south orientation, from Minsheng Road to Luoshan Road in west-east orientation, is a major international living area in Pudong. Its major shopping area is Thumb Plaza and Lianyang Plaza. Because of its more high-end image, Lianyang community is highly concentrated with many shops of famous brands. The commercial mansions in this area are mainly located near Dingxiang Road and Minsheng Road. Thanks to the location of the Century Park, these mansions boast excellent office environment.


According to statistics in 2012, Lianyang, as one of the city's largest international communities, has more than 5,300 expats from 78 countries, accounting for 10 percent of all residents.

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