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First Aid Services in Shanghai

Ambulance and First Aid 

The first thing you ought to know about the local medical service is the emergency call number. You can dial 120 (Chinese service only at the moment) from anywhere. An ambulance car will arrive in a few minutes, which depends on the traffic conditions.

The ambulance car will carry you to one of the emergency centers in the city, or the particular hospital you designated, such as the one on your medical insurance list.

You will be charged for the service, but the fare won't be very high, which depends on the emergency treatment you received and the distance from the emergency center to your location. The city has a total of 39 first aid stations with 19 in downtown area and 20 in suburbs. In general, you will get the service from the nearest station which you can find from the map on the official Website of Shanghai Medical Emergency Center.

In an emergency, you should call 110 (police), 119 (fire) or 120 (ambulance). For such situations, it will come in handy to have an emergency form with Chinese translations of important phrases such as xuyào y liàngjiùhùche (we need an ambulance) or xinzàngbìng (heart attack). If you are unable to communicate in Chinese, you can also phone the 24/7 Shanghai Call Center (962288). Its staff can help as an interpreter over the phone.


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