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Simple 4 step sample emergency plan (for Shanghai children’s hospital)

By The CareVoiceSTEP 1:Make Preparations in Case of EmergencyFill out the “Your Child’s Information Sheet” (below) In preparation for your child’s medical emergency you should have information about your child ready at h...

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Pharmacies in Shanghai

Sometimes, your doctor may give you a prescription for you to buy drugs in drugstores. Go to one of the local drug stores and show the chemist the prescription before you get the medicine from him or her. Drugs in independ...

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State, private health-care facilities offer services

In Shanghai, both state-owned and privately run medical facilities are available, and patients can choose health-care providers depending on their professional capability, price, environment and service.For outpatients, check your...

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Hengyi Rock Climbing (Dongjiangwan Rd Branch)

Address:Upper layer, No.21 Stand, Hongkou Football Stadium, 444 Jiangwan Rd E.
Phone:021-5696 6657

As a trailblazer in the sport, Hengyi Rock Climbing Club has been running at Shanghai Stadium since 1997. Its six climbing walls are designed to international standards. Their different colors represent different levels of difficulty. You c...

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