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A guide to taxing and social security policies in Shanghai

Under some circumstances, foreigners in the city must pay taxes. Income tax is probably the most important and also the most unavoidable.Basically, China's individual income tax is famous for its complication and rooms for dif...

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A guide to banking service in Shanghai

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When you stay in the city, you should have enough Yuan -- China's official currency -- to maintain your daily expenses, rent, food, clothes and incidentals. Though some may say US dollars a...

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An overview of Chinese visa and immigration

 IntroductionMost foreigners must have a visa to come to China. They should acquire visas from Chinese embassies or consulates-general in their home countries before they come to China.A Chinese visa is a permit issued by the...

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Consulate General of Mongolia

Address:Rm 3001, City Gateway Building, 398 Caoxi Rd N., Shanghai
Phone:021-6128 9520

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