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A guide to express delivery services in Shanghai

If you stay in Shanghai and want to send some presents to your family or friends around the world, you need to know where to find safe and fast express delivery services. Here is a short list that may be of some help to you.1. EMS...

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A guide to postal services in Shanghai

During your stay in Shanghai you might want to send some presents to your family or transfer some of your goods and documents around the world.In order to do so, you may want to consider the postal services as listed below. 1...

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The lowdown on renting high-level cars,drivers

Shanghai’s public transport system is becoming more and more convenient, but there are still many places in the city that are not that easy to access.Of course, you can buy your own vehicle or grab a taxi. However, there is a thir...

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Autobee Car Rental

Phone:021-5482 4449

Shanghai Autobee Car Rental provides a variety of vans, buses, coaches for meetings, weddings and group travel. Its customers include multinational corporations and companies from Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan. Over the years, the company has ...

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