Xiao Hei
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Health: Dewormed, vaccinated
Age: 1 year
Breed: Chinese rural cat/white
Gender: Male
Health: Dewormed
Age: 2 months
Breed: Chinese rural dog
Gender: Male
Health: Dewormed
Age: 6 years
Breed: Chinese rural cat/tuxedo
Gender: Male
Health: Vaccinated, spayed

‘Crazy’ animal parents get love in return

2017/03/28  by Leanne Italie

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It’s easy to jump directly to “crazy cat lady” or poke fun at “stay-at-home dog moms” when describing intense relationships between humans and their pets. But for some who spend the bulk of each day with their animals, it’s more like a two-way healing labor of love.

Cafes care too hoots about nocturnal birds

2017/03/14  by James Clayton-Daniels

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Owls fluff up their feathers and preen beneath the stroking fingers of customers at Owl Village, one of many cafes dedicated to the birds, seen as a symbol of good luck in Japan, that have sprung up amid a boom in animal cafes.

Royal treatment lavished on Tsar the liger

2017/02/06  by Maria Panina

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HIS name is fit for a king, and he’s being treated like one: Tsar the liger cub, born from an extremely rare lion-tiger romance, is proving a hit for a traveling Russian zoo. Stretched out in the zoo director’s van, Tsar — whose name is a throwback to the Russian emperors of centuries past — impatiently awaits his milk bottle.

Study finds shrinking reindeer

2016/12/19  by Alister Doyle

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REINDEER are shrinking on an Arctic island near the North Pole in a side-effect of climate change that has curbed winter food for animals often depicted as pulling Father Christmas’ sleigh, scientists said this week. The average weight of adult reindeer on Svalbard, a chain of islands north of Norway, has fallen to 48kg (106 lb) from 55kg (121 lb) in the 1990s as part of sweeping changes to Arctic life as temperatures rise, they said.

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