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Seafood House introduces brand new summer dishes

Summer is coming and so are Seafood House’s summer dishes at Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort And Spa. Seafood House introduces brand new summer dishes from 1 June to 31 August.

Our chefs use local ingredients and present the best dishes to guests seasonally.


This summer, we have wined prawn, foie gras, razor clam, green soybean which feature the freshest ingredients and are created using traditional Ningbo cooking methods.

The chefs use Chinese yam, lily bulb, bitter gourd and hawthorn to make terrine. It tastes very fresh and even those who are rarely enjoy bitter gourd have highly praised this terrine of Chinese yam, lily bulb and bitter gourd. Wok-fried lotus root, pea, gorgon fruit is made using seasonal ingredients which are ideal for summer.


What seafood can we eat during fishing’s off-season? Sizzling-fried seafood on rock, osmanthus wineprovides the perfect answer. The finest mud crab from Sanmen, baby lobster from Dalian, squid from the East Sea and more are available. There is also steamed minced pork, yellow croaker, water-chestnut for guests seeking an alternative.

Deep-fried pork roll with plum sauce – The combination of pork, homemade plum sauce and fresh cherries offers a pleasantly tart flavor and plenty of nutrition.


Remember this popular dessert from last year? Manglietia jelly, fruit jam will be back on the summer menu this year. Do not miss this time-limited delicacy!

There are many more dishes for guests to discover. See you on 1 June. 

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