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Jingshang Youth Hostel

Add:148-5 Nanshan Rd


Although the hostel is situated in a residential block, its location across from the famous tourist attraction Orioles Singing in the Willows has seen it become popular with young tourists.

An informal tone is set by the hostel exterior, where thriving flowers surround a small blackboard with details of the food on offer.

Inside, plants dot every corner alongside shelves of Hangzhou postcards for sale and books and knick-knacks.

The reception area has sofas, TV, a computer and a pool table to help guests feel at home. Paintings hung on walls and magazines piled on tables add to the homely vibe. The front yard has tables and chairs so people can sit outdoors and take in the clean autumn air over a cup of coffee. A small carp pond adds to the tranquil atmosphere.

The bar counter offers free lemon water with fruit and seasoning. The hostel has more than rooms featuring Chinese-style decor.