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Rouzhiyi Tai Chi Club

Add:No.30 Donghexia, Xiaohezhi Street block

Tel:0571-8896 6193


This is one of the few indoor tai chi schools - more typically tai chi lessons take place in parks.

Established for six years, the club now has more than 100 members and is a gathering place for local tai chi fans to meet and learn.

The club has six instructors and teaches both Chen School and Yang School - the two most widely spread tai chi schools in the world. Also it teaches tuishou, a combat form of tai chi.

General manager Jin Hui is planning to make part of the club into "a living museum," which would feature tai chi masters giving free lectures and demonstrations.

The health benefits of tai chi are well known. One student tells Shanghai Daily that he has lost 15 kilograms in weight since starting training; another who used to suffer from severe neck problems no longer needs to see a doctor.

Other tai chi enthusiasts at Rouzhiyi say they are better able to handle stress and that their temperament is more even.