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Tangqi Laodao Pastry(Sipailou Branch)

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Hangzhou natives favor traditional pastry and consider the Laodao pastry made in Tangqi Town of Yuhang District the best. Some Laodao fans even spend several hours on the bus traveling to Tangqi to buy some.

However, sweet-toothed residents living in Twenty-three Lanes need not go that far, as a branch shop selling authentic Laodao brand pastry is located in Sipailou.

There is a tale attached to Laodao pastry, which said that the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty once arrived at Tangqi during a southbound trip and tasted Laodao pastry there and found it delicious.

Laodao still enjoys such as reputation throughout Hangzhou. Although the facade of the shop in Sipailou is inconspicuous, plenty of people are attracted there by its famous and tasty goodies.

Bean crunch candy, walnut slices, sesame cake - also known as "starvation cake" - and loquat candy are among the best-selling lines with customers Laodao.