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Drum Tower Wooden Tub Store

Add:121-8 Shiwukui Lane


The owner of this store is known simply as Old Yang by many locals. And as a highly experienced carpenter, Yang can turn out daily necessities in from timber plus bamboo.

From wooden dustpans, wooden stools and wooden bathtubs to bamboo flyswatters, bamboo baskets, bamboo trays and cane brooms, most products on sale are handmade by Yang.

While it takes Yang only several minutes to finish a wooden washing board, he has to spend several days making a wooden bathtub.

Yang bolsters his work with wholesales products from market.

All the wood and bamboo used are transported from Yang's hometown Lin'an, a county of Hangzhou renowned for timber and bamboo.

Every day Yang sits in the bamboo chair he made himself in front of his store and sells his craft works to passersby.

A carpenter for 30 years, Yang says he has noticed that fewer and fewer people learn carpentry nowadays and fears that one day this craft will be lost in China.