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Baichuan Curio House

Add:25 Shiwukui Lane


The owner Zhang Qinghai is a freelancer in design, photography, painting and antique. He redecorated the house alongside Shiwukui Lane and arranged his collection here.

The antiques vary from stones, tablets, jades to porcelains.

In the left of the house is a gourd-shaped Tai Lake stone dating back to Ming Dynasty with a carved character shou (寿), which means longevity. In China people call gourds hulu, sounding like fulu (福禄) with the meaning of fortune and happiness. When shou is added to fulu, it is traditionally believed that fortune and longevity will increase.

Zhang says stones from Tai Lake of Jiangsu Province possess huge ornamental value due to their unusual shapes. On the wall there are four scrolls of Hunan embroidery and a Tang Dynasty tablet and wood carving leaning against the walls.

Zhang says when he spots curios during trips, he buys them up and mails them home.

On the table are traditional "scholar's four jewels" (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper), jade from Tibet, and ebony sculptures.

In Zhang's own words, he collected his fascinating antiques not only to sell, but also for fun.