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Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum

Add:60 Nanfu Rd

Tel:0571-8608 1049


Hangzhou was home to Guan Kiln (a kiln that produced ceramics for the royal court) in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the Southern Song Guan Kiln Museum is the place to learn more about its history and stories.

As the Song court retreated to south China, many famous kilns in the central China were destroyed. A new Guan Kiln was built in the then capital Hangzhou, at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain, to make chinaware for the court.

The kiln manufactured fine and glossy porcelain featuring light bluish green glaze, crab claw patterns, purple rims and iron-brown bases, due to the high iron content. These exquisite pieces became much-coveted.

The museum also exhibits ordinary ceramics used by people during the Southern Song Dynasty. Exhibits include functional items, such as ceramic pillows which people used so their hair buns wouldn't be messed up, and a jar-shaped money-box with a coin slot on the top.

This is the city's largest museum, covering 3,300 square meters.