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Zhuyun Art Museum

Add:1375 Xinyuan Rd


Zhuyun Art Museum in Jiading's Anting Town opened to the public in September 2008.

Occupying an area of 600 square meters, the private art museum displays nearly 100 items, most of them related to Jiading, vividly portraying the history and culture of the district.

The owner of Zhuyun Art Museum is Zhou Jia, whose ancestors were a rich family in Jiading. The name of Zhuyun was once the name of their ancestral hall.

Entering the bright and spacious hall on the first floor, visitors seem to open a book of the development of the humanistic and art development in Jiading. Each collection is not only a feast for the eyes, but also provides the knowledge to enhance the understanding of this ancient town.

Many of the items were purchased overseas. Some items in the museum are not second to those in a state-level museum.

Zhuyun Art Museum also has nearly 50 calligraphic works and ink-wash paintings created by Jiading celebrities. An ink-wash painting by Wang Jingming hangs on the wall of the museum. Wang was a zhuangyuan in the Qing Dynasty, the person who garnered the top place in the national examination. But his traditional ink-wash painting and calligraphy were quite famous before he got the title. The museum also collects ink-wash paintings and calligraphy by other masters from Jiading.