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Renke Art Center

Add:172 Qingchun Rd


Sculptures outside Renke Art Center are sure to catch the eye of passersby. These are made by professors from the China Academy of Art and portray street entertainers from ancient times, including acrobats, storytellers, musicians and singers.

The inside space contains three parts: a furniture exhibition room; an art display room and a coffee bar.

The coffee bar decor combines European and Shanghai style with artistic flourishes. The south-facing wall is made entirely of glass, water flows from the top to create a fantastic water feature. Booths and sofas feature Western characteristics, but the screens and lamps are in the traditional Shanghai style of the Republic of China era.

The art display room is, appropriately enough, where exhibitions are held. Renke has signed contacts with several artists to display their work here.

A major part of the center is the furniture exhibition room. This houses a harmonious match of furniture, decorations and knick-knacks, from home and abroad in different styles. All items are available to buy.