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This luxury cake maker is named for its original 21 classic cake styles, and it now offers more than 30 in a range of flavors, styles and colors. Natural ingredients are sourced from around the world, including cream from New Zealand, chocolate from Belgium, hazelnut from Turkey, morello cherries from America and Irish cream from Ireland.

Creativity is the basic ingredient, whether it's chocolate cake, cheesecake, cream mouse cake, sugar-free cake or ice cream cake. You can order a different cake for every day of the month.

Different cake styles are also designed for different seasons. In winter, three signature cakes are recommended: the Silent Night with alcohol, black chocolate, cream and pine nuts; the Blue Monday made of blueberries, cream, cheese and lemon; and the Mango Jerry, a mousse cake made of mango, cream and white chocolate.

Customers can order by phone or from the website. Delivery within the Out-Ring Road is free. Orders must be placed at least five hours ahead of delivery.