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Baoqing Villa

Add:40 Beishan Rd


Featuring a baroque architectural style with square columns, arched doors and windows, and red brickwork, Baoqing Villa is considered by many as the "most beautiful building on Beishan Road."

Nowadays, it is a popular location among locals looking to shoot their wedding photos in an antique-style setting.

It was built in 1907 by rich merchant Xing Gengxin from Nanxun Town, one of the most well-preserved old watertowns in north Zhejiang. Xing's family were engaged in silk business and their wealth allowed them to build villas in many Chinese cities.

In 1929, this villa was lent to the organizing commission of the First West Lake Expo as an exhibition hall. Two years later, the Xing family transformed it into Geling Hotel, a high-end hotel with a fashionable modern Western restaurant.

During that period, it became a hangout for socialites, and famous politicians and scholars stayed there when visiting Hangzhou. Renowned writer and journalist Cao Juren portrayed the villa and expressed his nostalgia toward it in his book "Thousands Miles of Journey" after he settled in Hong Kong.

In 2005, the villa was restored to its former glories with extensive renovations. Today, Baoqing Villa is a high-end clubhouse offering Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisines.