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Zhang Tongtai Pharmacy

Add:99 Zhongshan Rd N.


This TCM pharmacy enjoys huge fame over Hangzhou and even China as a whole. It is situated in an old building built during the late Qing Dynasty at the intersection of Zhongshan Road N. and Hai'er Lane.

The carved door and ceramic implements for grinding herbs are antiques handed down from generation to generation, and still very much in use. Stepping into the pharmacy, customers are hit by a strong smell of herbs.

The pharmacy has adhered to its own TCM principles since its establishment in 1805 by Zhang Mei. It insists on high-quality herbs and consequently has been trusted by consumers for more than 200 years.

The pharmacy also has 60 national-level or provincial-level TCM physicians. Every doctor works only half a day a week, so customers must book in advance.

In the lobby of the pharmacy are two walls of carefully labeled drawers. Staff take herbs from these to make packs for customers.