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Zhilife Shop and Studio

Add:415 Zhongshan Rd N.


Zhilife is located beside Hangzhou Catholic Church. This is an own-brand store featuring the work of a dozen designers.

By the doorway is a shelf of cute ceramic birds, flower-shaped pothooks and multi-colored mini watering buckets. Beneath is a low shelf chockablock with pot plants.

In the center of the shop is a table filled with knickknacks such as ceramic dogs, cats and horses, novel iPhone covers, joss sticks and porcelain items. These include frogs and lotus leaves designed to float on water.

In a cabinet are exquisite porcelain teapots and cups from Zhilife's own designers. Some look like lotus lanterns, while others resemble Aladdin's magic lamp.

In a rear cabinet are items, including textile handbags and wooden tableware. On top are flowers made from environmentally friendly pulp.

The shop also offers custom-made porcelain services.