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Jiu Zhi Zhai

Add:122 Zhongshan Rd N.

Tel:0571-8778 6062


One of Hangzhou's top time-honored pastry stores, Jiu Zhi Zhai was established in 1925 selling many varieties of preserved fruits and pastries - including sesame crunchy candies, peanut strips, mungbean cakes, red bean candies and coconut cookies.

Before the mid-1990s, most Hangzhou pastries were sweet, but Jiu Zhi Zhai created savory varieties - adding pickled vegetables and spiced salt - which found favor with Hangzhou locals.

The most popular pastry is the freshly made mooncake, containing pork and hot pickled mustard tuber. The mooncake is hot from the oven and tastes mellow and crisp.

Its reasonable price and delicious taste see queues forming to stock up on the tasty snack, especially during Mid-Autumn Festival.

While in the past Jiu Zhi Zhai attracted mostly older customers, several years ago management introduced new lines to attract younger pastry fans. Now, in addition to traditional fare, the shop offers Western pastries and cakes, and has succeeded in expanding its customer base.