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Xiling Seal Society

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The seal society, the largest of its kind in China, was the first academic society of seal-related learning and arts. It is situated in the south of Gushan facing West Lake.

Before its establishment, Zhejiang, as the center for seal-carving, was home to many small-sized organizations which were not officially registered. In order to give the art a seal of approval, seal artists from different schools founded Xiling Seal Society in 1904.

Its first resident was Wu Changshuo, a famous calligrapher, painter and seal maker who considered carving seals and painting to be integrated pursuits.

Nowadays, the society complex covers five square kilometers, containing the Calligraphy Stele Corridor, the Stone Archway, Shijiao Pavilion and other halls, caves and buildings featuring masters' seal works.

The Huayanjing Pagoda is the symbol of the Xiling Seal Society. It was built by a monk in 1924 and carved is with Buddha and scriptures.