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Fanghe Pavilion

Add:In the northeast of Gushan


Fanghe, which means "release cranes," was built in memory of Lin Bu, a poet from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). One of the most famous poets in his time, Lin lived in recluse on Gushan for more than 20 years.

Lin was considered eccentric because he refused to hold office in government. Moreover, he remained single. When not writing poems, Lin spent his spare time planting plum trees and raising cranes, leading people to claim that he took plum as his wife and had cranes as sons.

Lin's great works won him nationwide fame. After his death, the then emperor gave him the title of "Hejing Master." Today, Lin's work and story ensure he still keeps an important place in Chinese history.

The Fanghe Pavilion was originally built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) after Lin died. In later dynasties, poems and calligraphy works were written on the pavilion commemorating the poet.

Behind the Fanghe Pavilion is Lin's tomb, set among plum trees and bronze crane statues.