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Lin Society

Add:1 Hougushan Rd


The building commemorates the life of Lin Qi (1839-1900), who was responsible for establishing several key schools in Hangzhou. It mixes Chinese and Western styles - upturned eaves next to cement walls. Nearby are two camphor trees that are more than 500 years old.

Among exhibits are several touch screens which people can use to learn about Lin and his achievements.

Lin was the mayor of Hangzhou for four years during the late Qing Dynasty. He established Qiushi Academy (now Zhejiang University), the Silkworm Breeding School (now Zhejiang University of Science and Technology) and Yangzheng School (now Hangzhou High School).

When Lin died in 1900, according to tradition his family should have taken his body back to birthplace in Fujian Province Instead they buried him in Hangzhou, as this was his last wish.

In 2003, the building was renamed Lin Society, and is also known as the Memorial Hall of Lin Qi. In front of the building is a bronze statue of Lin.