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Lyceum Theater

Add:57 Maoming Rd S.

Tel:021-6217 8530


One of the earliest modern theaters in Shanghai, it was once the home of the Amateur Dramatic Club, or A.D.C., a British drama society founded in 1866. The Lyceum was the first European theater built in Shanghai, a large wooden premises near the Bund which opened in 1867. It was replaced after being destroyed by fire, and the building at the junction of Changle and Maoming roads is its third home. Designed by Davies and Brook, with the same colors as the Jinjiang Hotel, the classic European-style theater appeals as a functional theater and a historic landmark. It now hosts Chinese opera, classical ballet, children's musical performances, and various other theatrical events.

Its capacity is not that big, 680 seats in total, but its reputation around the world is! Besides its stage for live theater, small-scale musicals and concerts, the Theater also has VIP boxes and coffee bars.