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William Toffee Hotel

Add:No. 59, Qing Zhi Wu



This 27-room hotel is all about toffee, a firm candy made with boiled sugar or molasses, butter and other ingredients. It's a mom-and-pop establishment, so named because their five-year-old son William says he wants to taste every kind of toffee in the world.

The couple designed this toffee-and-cream-colored hotel, naming each room after a brand that makes toffee (usually chocolate as well), such as Chocolair and Meiji. An information card in each room describes the brand and two toffees of the brand are placed in a container beside the bed; the container is always refilled.

The decor is vintage European. The lobby contains an ornamental fireplace with real logs. Guests can enjoy toffee coffee, as well, with chocolate and toffee syrup. It also features French windows that let in natural light. The owner, Xie Xiaolong, says she loves French architecture.