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Sasano Sushi House

Add:85 Xianfeng Rd

Tel:021-3431 7779


Ambience: The small, cozy, warmly lighted restaurant is designed in traditional Japanese style. It has separate rooms with sliding doors, tatami mats and cushions. Guests can sit at the sushi bar and order, watching chefs prepare sushi and sashimi. Guests remove their shoes before entering the dining area.

Pros: All ingredients are very fresh, notably the seafood. The wasabi is freshly ground. The sashimi is served on ice.

Cons: Only seasonal food is served, so the menu is limited. The location is not convenient, far from the city center and difficult to locate. Service is not particularly efficient.

Recommended: Sea urchin is a must-try. Toro tuna is tender, fatty and naturally sweet. Soba have a nice, firm texture. The Avocado sushi roll is recommended.

Don't order: Beef sashimi may be too raw for some Chinese locals. Vegetable salad is comparatively too flat.

Drinks: Saki features good variety and high quality. Soft drink and beer are both available.

Price: 300 yuan per person