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Lotus Restaurant

Add:641 Changning Rd, near Huayang Rd

Tel:021-5238 2919


Cuisine: Hubei cuisine, some dishes adapted to local tastes.

Ambience: The restaurant has a hall plus private rooms. It's decorated in a simple yet elegant style, with Chinese paintings of lotus roots and Chinese characters hung on the wall. A crafted wooden door with a bell is a feature. Usually, it's pleasantly quiet.

Who to invite: family, friends or your partner.

Pros: The location makes it easy for transport. Portions are big enough for locals. The menu includes both light and spicy dishes. It also offers an e-menu to place orders in advance. Free Wi-fi is available.

Cons: Only three reserved rooms are available. Some dishes are too greasy. And there doesn't seem enough waiting staff for peak periods.

Recommended: Catfish served in sour soup (酸汤鲶鱼): Big portions of plump, tender fish with a sour and slight chili flavor. Very refreshing. Fried pig feet (黄金炸猪手): The golden-yellow deep-fried pig feet feature crispy skin and tender succulent pork. Kungfu soup (功夫汤): Various seafood, chicken and mushrooms soaked in Chinese herbs, making it both delicious and nutritious.

Don't order: Bullfrog served in chili soup (辣的跳). It's extremely spicy.

Drinks: Homemade rice wine (自酿米酒): A twist on traditional Chinese rice wines with added raisins for a smooth, cool, sweet taste. As it's alcohol-free, this is a good option for drivers.

Cost: 80-90 yuan per person.