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Chu Xuan Tang Fish Restaurant

Add:2/F, 96 Plaza, 796 Dongfang Rd, near Zhangyang Rd

Tel:021-6106 0025


Cuisine: Hubei cuisine, particularly fish hotpot

Ambience: The restaurant is decorated in traditional Chinese style with Western influences. Chinese elements with an antique flavor are everywhere, including lighting, screens and paintings. Private rooms are luxuriously decorated.

Who to invite: Family, friends and business associates.

Pros: The restaurant offers a wide range of fresh fish. The fish soup is tasty and there is also fried and grilled fish available. Private rooms are partitioned off so privacy ensured.

Cons: The hall is noisy at peak times. Service can be slow.

Recommended: Fish soup with yam(山药肥鱼汤): Fresh fish, mushroom with yams release all delicate flavors out. Fish flesh remains a whole piece tasting soft and smooth as grease. Milk-white fish soup brings rich and strong tasty flavors.

Don't order: Country-style sauteed pork fillet (农家小炒肉): The pork is cooked with sweet red pepper, not chilies, losing the authentic spicy flavor.

Drinks: Fresh juices and specialty health drinks, such as yam juice

Cost: 90-120 yuan per person