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Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

Add:6 Westlake Culture Square

Tel:0571-8805 0941

Time:Tue-Sun; 9am-4pm



Zhejiang Museum of Natural History is one of the longest history museums created by Chinese people alone, and also the unique provincial museum mainly focusing on collections, exhibitions and research on specimens of life science and earth science. Its precursor is the West Lake Museum established on a basis of the West Lake Exposition in 1929. According to historical materials, the grand exposition then contained eight departments and two institutions. The museum, covering the maximum area at that time, was divided into several branch museums such as marine products, plants, insects, animals, minerals, zoo, Dayao Mountain (in Guangxi Province) and so forth. The exhibition enjoyed abundant species and numerous exhibits. The exposition left a profound influence, and it would be a great pity if exhibits were short of proper management. So the exposition applied to build the West Lake Museum by the provincial government and move part of exhibits to donate to the museum for memory and appreciation.