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Kaili, Guizhou

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KAILI is a natural destination for meeting some of China's minority people in the southeast of Guizhou Province. Though visitors face relatively tough living conditions and unpaved roads, they will be rewarded with surprises, such as the sight of local women in colorful dresses and spectacular silver jewelry, together with dances and ceremonies unique to the area.

As well as home to the Miao ethnic group, Kaili is also a good starting point for exploring minority villages in southeast of Guizhou, like pearls in a line. Nearby settlements include Langde Miao Minority Village, where people live in the unique diaojiaolou, which are normally two-floor houses with only the second floor occupied by people.

The most visited village is Xijiang Miao Minority Village, where attractions include the house of the village head ― the “King of the Miao” ― and dance performances. The villages of Rongjiang and Basha are also worth a visit, as they are home to other minority groups, including Tong people. But the road conditions are really tough ― a SUV is a must. But visitors who do make the trip will be rewarded with a special welcoming ceremony from the hospitable people, featuring welcoming wine and dancing. During the Spring Festival, more local festivals are held.