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Huangshan Mountain, Anhui

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YELLOW Mountain, often referred to as “the most fantastic mountain under heaven,” is a popular destination all year round. It is especially loved by Shanghainese due to its convenient location. The drive from Shanghai to the natural beauty in southern Anhui Province takes five to six hours.

Climbing Huangshan during winter is a tough prospect, and is probably best left until warmer months. But the mountain also offers a gentler option: the hot spring.

This is one of the biggest attractions of the Yellow Mountain, along with its pine trees, rocks and clouds. Located at the south entrance to Huangshan, it provides a perfect combination of sightseeing and relaxing water treatment.

Soaking in a 42 degree Celsius pool while taking in the mountain vista offers a relaxing contrast to the big city. Although winter is off-season for visiting Yellow Mountain, it is said that at this time of year it looks most beautiful; the snowy landscape adding to the tranquility of the famous scenery.

Yellow Mountain hot spring has a long history and is well developed today; you can easily find different types of hotels around it. There is another hot spring area located in Tunxi City, about 50 km from the scenic region, which is quieter.