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China National Tea Museum

Add:Shuangfeng Village, Longjing Rd

Tel:0571-8796 4232




The China National Tea Museum is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The exhibitions display tea production, and different kinds of tea. Exhibitions are in Chinese and English languages.

With the thirty years of existence, the Tea Museum has seen quite a few improvements and additions to the complex. 

The Exhibition Hall is the main attraction and takes you through the development of tea throughout the dynasties. There's lots of tea memorabilia and paraphernalia to gander at and different sampling of the variety of teas around the country. To true tea enthusiasts, this place is bit of a letdown, but if you're just beginning to learn about the leaf, it’s a good starting point. 

You can take a nice stroll through the complex, which is beautifully landscaped, replete with bubbling brooks and surrounding tea fields. There are tea houses, but if you're into a real hike and a real home-style meal, just jump on either of the two buses heading west to Longjing Village to finish off your day of tea.