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Yu Qian Tomb

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Yu Qian is referred to as the "Hero of West Lake" together with Yue Fei and Zhang Cangshui, two other patriotic generals of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). As the de facto defence minister of the court, Yu once took control of troops to repel a Mongol invasion.

In addition to his martial prowess, Yu was also a great poet, his work learned in China's schools.

The verses "Not afraid utterly crashed and muddily, should keep clean in human world" in which Yu expresses aspirations to be an honest and upright person, are widely known to Chinese.

The great general's career came to a sad end when Yu was framed by treacherous court officials and executed in 1457.

However, his fame was restored when the title of Suzhong was posthumously bestowed on Yu in honor of his achievements.

The altar and incense burner of the present-day tomb dated from the Ming Dynasty, while the stone wenzhong - human-like immortals who guard the tomb - and mythical beasts were added in 1998.

The tomb was listed as a national protected relic in 2006.

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