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Fleur de Lis

Add:23-1 Yuhuangshan Rd

Tel:0571-8718 6111


Fleur de Lis is a French restaurant that also offers some dishes from northern Spain.

A low-profile sign identifies the two-story white wooden restaurant tucked away up a small path. Owner Zhu Jiang says she opened the restaurant because she is a foodie.

Zhu says she has toured around Europe to try different restaurants, and since she opened Fleur de Lis around a year ago, food tours have become more frequent.

Zhu says her restaurant use imported ingredients along with fresh produce grown in the restaurant's garden or purchased from villagers. This ensures there are no additives, she adds.

The desserts come highly recommended based on reviews posted online.

For example, the cheesecake is light, not too sweet, has a natural milky fragrance and a soft texture.

Also strongly recommended are the jackfruit ice cream balls.