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Add:Rm 303, 1350 Sichuan Rd N.

Tel:021-6611 9777


The newly opened restaurant is one of the hottest dining destinations because of good food and moderate prices. The menu includes nearly all classical dishes. Some of the foods, such as curry, are adapted to the Chinese palate and are milder and sweeter than what's typical in Singapore.

Ambience: Wooden blinds, white curtains, blue chairs, mosaic wall and tropical plants create a post-colonial Southeast Asian atmosphere. At the door stands a street sign showing directions for Chinatown and Orchard Road, two famous places in Singapore.

Pros: Great variety. Menu features modern dishes like coconut cheese cake.

Cons: Crowded and noisy. Service is not very efficient.

Recommended: Grilled pork neck; laksa, curried shrimp (milkier and milder for Chinese palates); mango juice.

Price: 70 yuan per person