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Pulau Ketam

Add:Rm 1, Bldg 2-3, Xintiandi South Block, Lane 123, Xingye Rd.

Tel:021-5306 3706


This is probably the first fine dining restaurant in the city that features Singaporean chili and pepper crab. Cofounder Vincent Liu hopes to create the Morton's of crab houses, referring to the famous Morton's steak house, a global chain. Crabs are imported. Singaporean chef Jason Lim insists on the authentic Singaporean way to prepare crab.

Ambience: A fusion of modern and traditional. Stainless steel ceiling lighting and Western-style table settings work with wooden screens bearing traditional Malay patterns and wooden blinds.

Pros: Crabs are freshly sourced from Indonesia and Sri Lanka, each weighing at least 1 kilogram. There are elegant private dining rooms with tatami mats accommodating eight to 10 people. These are suitable for business dinners. Service is friendly and efficient. Guests receive a complimentary drink and warm, moist towel. Some window seats offer a nice view of Xintiandi.

Cons: Prices are extremely high.

Recommended: Black pepper crab; deep-fried prawns coated with cereal; coconut juice; garlic-flavored noodles.

Price: 450 yuan per person